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Harper | Saginaw Newborn Photographer

This session was extra special to me.  Harper is my cousin’s little man. <3  She and her husband allowed me the wonderful opportunity to photograph him when he was just 10 days old (he’ll be a month in just a few days!).  To be honest, it had been a while since I had photographed a newborn all on my own, and I was nervous.  Of course, Harper refused to sleep… but while he was awake I got the chance to catch all of my favorite kind of shots… Macros!  I do love the adorable posed shots of newborns… and for the couple of minutes that he did sleep, I snapped some of those, too.  But there is just something about the details of a little one in their first days of life that moves me.  We so quickly forget just how precious their tiny toes are… or the sweet curve of their little lips… or in Harper’s case, the adorable fluff of hair, not only on his head, but on his shoulders too!  They grow and change so very fast, and what a treasure to be able to stop time, and capture them as they are, to carry with us forever.

Thank you, Crystal and Bob, for creating this beautiful life and sharing these memories with me!


We just love these photos! I was glad to have you take these and I am sure he will be your willing model anytime! Thank you so much for capturing what a mother truly sees in their children 😉


Awww LOVE these! They brought tears to my eyes!!!


Brought tears to Grandma’s eyes! You’re doing a wonderful job with your photos!


Love, love, love these!! He is so beautiful and you did a great job capturing this special little bundle:)

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