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When I started this business, I had a decision to make.

A) Go all digital… which requires less work and often a quick send off of digital files to clients. Quick and done with it.


B) Offer products… take the time to meet with clients to create their custom order, place the order, package and deliver.  Much more time involved, for sure!

In all honesty, I didn’t consider it for more than a few minutes… I wanted to go with products!  As a portrait photographer, my hope is always to have your photos preserved as prints, wall art, videos, albums and so much more.  I do love taking the photos, editing the photos, and I really love sharing them with everyone… but I, also, really enjoy seeing them as final pieces of art, ready to be displayed in your home.  It just doesn’t feel like I’ve finished the job if I don’t have physical prints and products in my hand to deliver after a session.  I will try to remember to share photos of client orders, so that you can have that same closure I feel when I see all my hard work in a lovely, finished package. <3

your packaging is gorgeous Marissa 🙂 such a beautiful compliment to your already stunning work!


The packaging was beautiful. We loved opening everything. The video case and dvd was our favorite!!!

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