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Valentine Treats…mmmm….

Valentine Cupcakes Blog


I love how perfectly this all turned out for Jackson’s Valentine’s Day school party!  I made these cupcakes about a month ago, and omg!! They are amazing!! Vanilla cookie dough stuffed cupcakes with cookie dough frosting! Be still my gurgling stomach. 🙂  I love a reason to bake… especially when I won’t end up eating it all on my own. 😉  So, I knew I wanted to make them for his party… but I needed a valentine to go with for him to give out… ideally one that wasn’t candy.  There is enough sugar in one cupcake to put a large adult in a sugar coma, much less a 3 year old.  I had been cruising pinterest and stressing when out of the blue a photog friend of mine shared the unbelievably perfect and adorable cards you see above! Simple, inexpensive, perfect.

Thank you to Melissa, of LoopDeLoop: The Blog for the Free Printable Valetine! Get yours from the link!

The recipe for the breathtaking cupcakes can be found in The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook, by Lindsay Landis.  Not enough time to get the book and bake? Then check out Lindsay’s blog, Love and Olive Oil, for a so similar recipe, it’d be hard to ever know the difference.

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