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When You Book*…

… A Session with Me, It is Unique to You!  

I love not having a session fee, because it gives both you and I the freedom to create a session, that will, in turn, give you a gallery of images perfect for the products you’re most interested in.  The best part being… you only purchase the products that you want!

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Now, what can you expect when you book a session with me?


Before Your Session…

… is the time to get to know each other better.  I will contact you to start a conversation to learn more about you! This guides me in designing your session.  Though my photos have a similar overall feel, no two sessions are exactly alike, as no two people are.  Your session and images are uniquely for you!  For example, if you want an album and love detail shots, the session and gallery will be quite different than if you are looking for a single 20×30 framed wall print for your family room.  We will discuss how best to achieve images like the ones you see in my portfolio, and how that will work with what you are envisioning for your session.  This includes choosing a location and time best suited to get that look.

A few main things that go into achieving the look and style you see in my work…

– The Light | the time of day goes hand in hand with location in which we shoot as they both will play a significant role in your session and your final images.  The reason for this is that the most important element in a great photo is the light!  I use natural light in a way that is most pleasing to the eye, and gives a soft, light and almost airy feel to the photos.  The best time to really utilize this light is in the hour after sunrise or before sunset.  Since most of us aren’t awake yet at sunrise, sunset will probably be when we set our time.  | We can most certainly shoot at other times of day, as well.  (And newborn session are usually indoors, so they will most often be done earlier in the day.)  Just remember that other times may render a different look to your photos, and we may have to choose a location with lots of open shade to make these other times work… so fields of grass will likely not be best. (see below 😉 ) |

– The Location | as your positioning to the light and how if falls on you is a key ingredient in my images, our location is also very important.  The sun shining in front of you lends a very different look than the sun shining behind you.  So I prefer to shoot at locations that are not only lovely on their own (think fields of grass), but also are able to capture the sun shining in the right direction.  I like images that are simple and natural.  I’m always thinking of what else will be seen in the photo aside from you.  What is behind and around you can either distract from your image or enhance it… and of course, I want to enhance it!  I have some gorgeous locations that I love shooting at.  However, if you have a location suggestion, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I’m always open to trying new things, and I love working in fresh, beautiful locations!

Your Session…

… is unique, so the way the session is structured will vary.  Your session will be the length of time it takes to get the perfect images for your gallery (another bonus of no session fee!)… if that be 20 minutes or 3 hours (though I will have a general idea to let you know beforehand so you are still able plan the rest of your day around your session).  I love to capture true connection and raw emotion, and this is best done when you are just being you!  We will follow the light no matter your session design.  Though your desired products and session may call for fewer or more images (fewer if you want one great family portrait to hang, or more if you want an album made), I guarantee that your gallery will consist of no fewer than 15 images.  Once we have captured what we set out to, our session will be complete.

After Your Session…

… you will usually be able to see a sneak peak on Facebook or The Blog within 48 hours.  I will contact you to set up an in person viewing session within two weeks of your photoshoot.  At this time you will get to see your finished images in your gallery,  as well as have the opportunity to see and feel products.  I want you to know exactly what you are purchasing, and to be confident it is the right product for you before you buy.  Naturally, as consumers, we do this with most purchases we make, and I truly believe it is the best way to be 100% comfortable with your purchase.

Don’t worry though… there is no obligation to buy!  I have no required purchase minimum… and don’t forget about that $100 deposit that you’ve already paid… is credited to your purchase order!  Can’t make a final decision while at your viewing session?  I will put your photos in a personal, password protected gallery online.  Your gallery will be accessible for 7 days, during which you can view, review, share and choose your products for your final order.  Orders will be placed once your purchase total is paid in full.  Once your order is placed, please allow 3-4 weeks (more for albums) for your products to come in.  I will contact you when your products are in, packaged and ready for pick-up.



Everything Sound Good So Far?

It’s important that you feel my work reflects your own personal style.  Though your session is designed for you, at the same time it will reflect my style and vision.  You can expect to see images in your gallery with the same feel and style of my portfolio.  If you feel my work reflects what you envision for your session, it will guarantee that I am the right photographer for you. 🙂

A few important things to know about me…

… I believe in the importance of quality, customer service and making memories last a lifetime.



If you are ready to book, you can contact me via email:, or by phone: 989-272-3828.  I look forward to working with you!

* This information is for Children & Family, Baby or Couples sessions only.  For more information on The Ultimate Senior Photography Experience, please contact me at  Miss by Marissa McInnis is a senior exclusive branch of Marissa McInnis Photography to see and find out more, please visit