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Freeland Michigan Newborn Photographer | Luke David

Oh newborns!  It may seem like an easy area of photography, but let me tell you… it is far from that.  I love photographing the newness.  And I especially love capturing the emotion between parents and their tiny addition to the family.  I always hope for perfect posed images, with babies all curled up… tiny bottoms up in the air.

We definitely tried with Luke, but he was not having it.  He would sleep in mom’s arms, but you could almost see the alarm going off in his brain when he wasn’t snuggled next her anymore. 🙂 It worked out great (after holding a few “shoots” to get there), though!  I love every image! He is a beautiful baby, who looks so very much like his daddy.  He was very aware and curious throughout… and while sleepy baby pics are great… awake baby photos show more personality and wonder.

As you may know, I absolutely adore photographing brand new baby parts.  This time and stage of life is so fleeting and I find it extremely important to document it.  I was very excited to try fusion for the first time with a newborn.  Now, this (fusion video) is special at every stage and age of childhood, in my opinion…. but with a newborn! Be still my beating heart!! He’s not even mine, and I weep uncontrollably when I watch his video.  It may be a bit of Baby Fever that I have, but it truly is a beautiful keepsake.  This has really become a special addition to my sessions that every parent and family has not only loved, but simply HAD to have.  I don’t blame ’em… this girl is gonna try her darnedest to do it more with my son, Jackson.  In light of the tragedy last week, it reminds us just how important it is to take the time to stop, enjoy our children as they are today, and to memorize them in all their innocent glory.  Photos and videos are a great way to keep them with us always…. just as they are.

Press Play to witness something amazing!

Congrats, Leah and Dave on your new bundle of joy!


Thank you for everything Marissa!!! We are so excited about the pictures, love the video, & are so thankful you were able to capture this time with our little man!

Absolutely beautiful.

What a beautiful baby boy. Your images are so lovely. Wonderful job Marissa!

Love the tones in your images. These are gorgeous!

So sweet and adorable!! I love the cuddly pics with mom and dad!

Wonderful baby photos! I love the close-up detail shots.

Saginaw Child and Family Photographer | Breighan & Clifton

The month of October was really filled with wonderful sessions.  Which I’m so very pleased that they all went so well, because you just can never trust Michigan weather in October.  This particular session landed on quite possibly the most BEAUTIFUL day of the month.  It was warm, the sun was shining, and there was still some gorgeous Fall colors!  And since it was so pretty and Fall is my most favorite season, we took advantage… I’m quite in love with the outcome!  So we’ve covered that it was gorgeous light, with gorgeous color… add a gorgeous family, and there is no possible way you aren’t leaving with a ton of amazing images (see below!)!

When Lyndsey called to set up this session, I was so excited!  I’ll tell you why…

Everyone, I’d like you to meet my childhood idle.  Every kid, of course, wants to be their parents some day… and I did (and still do), too, but I, also, simply adored my babysitter, Lyndsey.  She taught me to ride a bike, what music was cool (my first cd was a Deana Carter album, which I had to have because Lyndsey had it, too!), and how to be an awesome babysitter, myself.  I went and played the same games she played with my brother and I, with the kids I babysat.  And I could even go as far to say that she has influenced the way I am as a mother, because that playfulness is still with me.  When I told my brother that I was going to be photographing her kids and family, his response was, “Those kids are lucky.  They probably have so much fun all the time with Lyndsey as their mom.”  <3

Anyways… Her kids (really the whole family!) are soooo photogenic!  Breighan is a stunning little girl!  On top of that, she’s at that age where kids love attention and are now old enough to take a little direction.  She was such a doll… didn’t even need much direction.  I’d put her in the perfect spot for the light and she just did all the rest.  I think her parents may have a future model on their hands. 😉  And Clifton!  The little chunk wore a serious face to the session, but after he got warmed up, he broke into the most heart melting smile.  He made me understand why great aunt’s/grandma’s/older ladies are always pinching cheeks… how could you not, with a face like that?  He had just started crawling, but didn’t want to do so in the long grass… and it seemed to even make him a little unsteady when sitting…lol.  You’ll see what I mean when you watch the Video. 😀

Now you may notice that this family is also dressed to perfection.  They did a fantastic job of coordinating, and the kids clothes are so cute!  I’m not surprised, though.  Lyndsey owns and runs an amazing Baby and Children’s Boutique in Midland, MI, Pish Posh Children’s Boutique.  Seriously, she has the best stuff there!  So, before you’re next family or children’s photos you must check it out!

Without further ado…. Meet Breighan, Clifton, Lyndsey and Sam!

Press Play to view their wonderful, Fall Video!


Thank you, Lyndsey and Sam, for not only allowing me to be a part of capturing such special memories with your family… but also, for believing in me.  Your confidence and support mean more to me than you will ever know.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

<3 Marissa

These are beyond beautiful images. I love your use of light 😉

Brittany Fantuz

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I love the light in these and I love your style.

Marissa these are GORGEOUS! so much wonderful interaction between the family members – and gorgeous color and light. perfect!

These are gorgeous family portraits! I love the Fall colors and my favorite is of the little girl holding the leaf up to her eye and peeking through the hole.

These are gorgeous! Love the light. Beautiful family


These are so tender and sweet! My favorite is the one of the two under the tree reading a book, just precious!

Fantastic work and stunning family!

Marissa – these are just gorgeous. What a wonderful session!

I love everything about these pictures!

beautiful images, great job with the kids too 🙂

Beautiful!!! Love all of these. 🙂

Hemlock Child and Family Photographer | Natalie & Olivia

These girls are not only, clearly identical twins, but they are some of the sweetest, most well behaved two year olds I’ve ever met!  I was very excited to photograph them for a few of reasons.  First, I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with them (and they have become Jackson’s favorite people his own age), so I knew they’d be perfect for a really fantastic session.  Plus, what photographer wouldn’t love the chance to photograph such cute girls who clearly adore each other, and their parents.  Soooo sweet! Also, they may look the same, but like most twins, they have their own personality and I wanted to see if I could capture that.  Once you get to know them, it becomes easy to tell them apart…. and so fun to photograph!  Lastly, I had been waiting for the perfect session to really try something new for Marissa McInnis Photography…. Photo/Video Fusion!  I couldn’t be more in love with the outcome!  Scroll down to see the images and find out more about MMP and Fusion!

If you aren’t familiar with Photo/Video Fusion, don’t worry… I’m sharing this one so you can see it for yourself!  In words, it’s the future of photography… and definitely an official part of my business from here on out for all Newborn, Baby and Children and Family sessions!  Photo/Video Fusion is really just that… it’s taking photos and fusing them with video footage to make a final product that is a must have keepsake.  I still tear up whenever I watch their session video.  What a great family to start this on!

Would you like to see their amazing session video? Just press play!

Love the video, and curious about how it looks as an actual product?

When you purchase the Video from your session, you don’t just get the digital download on a flash drive or it burned to a generic disc…. You get a Custom DVD with an image from your session, and a Custom Case designed just for you.  The case has a matte protective finish and magnetic closure, perfect for keeping and documenting.  Also, I make sure to customize the main menu with your images, names and date when you insert the DVD, to really make a well rounded final product.  I promise, you will LOVE it!  These are great for personal keepsakes, or they make beautiful gifts for others, especially Grandparents!



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These are beautiful, what sweet twins! Great work!

Twins, how super fun. They are so cute. Love your little tent thing. did you custom make it or buy it? Your images are lovely


They are just so cute! Love the colors and the tent!


Thanks! I made it the night before the session… it was super easy! I can’t find the link for the instructions, but I know I saw it on Pinterest.


I will be looking …..that is too cute! Doesn’t hurt to have such adorable little girls in front of it 🙂

Sweet girls and photos!

SO cute! Love the teepee! 🙂

Hemlock Michigan Children’s Photographer | Sparkle Light Special

I LOVE Sparkle Light Photos! Especially this one of my Jackson. ♥

Want a cute photo like this of your kid(s) for the Holidays? Want to use it on Holiday Cards? How about an Ornament with the Image on it? Or maybe just a Print to display? Well you can!

Come stop by my booth this Saturday, December 1st between 9am and 2pm, at St. Peter Lutheran School in Hemlock and have your child(ren) photog

raphed with sparkle lights for FREE! Purchase the Digital Image to print and/or use for self printed cards for Only $10. Or Purchase a Gift Print (at a 50% Discount from my regular price!) for $20, a Metal Ornament for $20 or a Luxe Frame Ornament for $30 and receive the Digital Image FREE! These are EXTREME savings Prices… and Only offered this one time!

I will have all these products on display, as well as other products I offer for client images. I know there will be several other wonderful vendors with booths, so come out and join us!

*If you have any questions or need directions to the school, please, feel free to contact me by messaging me here on FB, or by emailing me at or by calling me at (989)-272-3828. On Saturday I will only be able to accept payment by cash or check, so make sure you come prepared. 🙂