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Saginaw Michigan Baby Photographer | Monroe is 6 Months!

This session was a bit out of my “norm”… In the sense that this was a first indoor session with a non-newborn.  I’m always nervous when I encounter something new, but as soon as I met Monroe and her parents I felt right at home! I say it often, and it’s always true… I think this is my new favorite Fusion Video! You would never know that adorable Monroe was teething and going off of little sleep during our session from the images and the video.  She was the sweetest little doll! I had so much fun not only shooting the session, but all the parts after.  I kept finding new images that made me smile.  She is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever encountered, and her smile will melt your heart. <3  I am so excited to get all the prints and products in and deliver them to her parents and grandparents… so much cuteness, it hurts.  Nothing like a great session with a gorgeous baby girl, and a fabulous video to make you have Baby Fever! 🙂  I can’t wait to photograph Monroe again… and I’m so happy that I got the chance to do so already, and to make new friends and beautiful images in the process.  <3 <3


 Press “Play” if you feel like smiling today! 🙂



Marissa these are SO gorgeous!! you do such beautiful work – and sweet Monroe is SUCH a doll! <3


Thanks, Beckie 🙂 She made my job easy <3


i love this one

Newborn Photographer Saginaw Michigan | Packaging

When I started this business, I had a decision to make.

A) Go all digital… which requires less work and often a quick send off of digital files to clients. Quick and done with it.


B) Offer products… take the time to meet with clients to create their custom order, place the order, package and deliver.  Much more time involved, for sure!

In all honesty, I didn’t consider it for more than a few minutes… I wanted to go with products!  As a portrait photographer, my hope is always to have your photos preserved as prints, wall art, videos, albums and so much more.  I do love taking the photos, editing the photos, and I really love sharing them with everyone… but I, also, really enjoy seeing them as final pieces of art, ready to be displayed in your home.  It just doesn’t feel like I’ve finished the job if I don’t have physical prints and products in my hand to deliver after a session.  I will try to remember to share photos of client orders, so that you can have that same closure I feel when I see all my hard work in a lovely, finished package. <3

your packaging is gorgeous Marissa 🙂 such a beautiful compliment to your already stunning work!


The packaging was beautiful. We loved opening everything. The video case and dvd was our favorite!!!

Saginaw Michigan Newborn Photographer | Henry Joseph

Meet the cutest little man… Henry!  Really, it’s no wonder he’s such a handsome baby, when his parent’s are gorgeous themselves!  If I had met his mother on the street without him, I would have had no idea that she just had a baby less than two weeks before.  I won’t lie; I was a bit jealous. 😛  It’s hard to not go overboard with a beautiful family… and a cooperative baby.  He was soooooo good.  I couldn’t stop… and then when it came time for picking out the ones to use in the video, I couldn’t get rid of any! There were just so many keepers.  He loved the swaddle :)…Blue really suits him well.  You gotta see his sweet little smirk that he kept giving us, too! So precious! Okay, so I could ramble on forever about how adorable he is and how much I loved this session… but the photos (and the Fusion Video 😉 ) tell it all better than I ever could with just words. <3

Welcome to the World, Henry!


Congrats, Katie and Jordan on your beautiful baby boy!

Press “Play” to see the most handsome newborn boy!


Photos of their awesome products and prints to come! Don’t miss it!


Thanks so much!! You did an amazing job.

OMG Marissa! When his little lips were “sucking” in the video I about jumped into my computer to take him! Love this!

Hemlock Michigan Child Photographer | This is the Reason!

This! This! This, right here is the heart and soul of why I do what I do.

Not only to be able to photograph my son… but to be able to throw a coat and boots on my kid and take him out during the most gorgeous snowfall we’ve had in this new year!  It makes it feel like everything in the world is in it’s place… just for a few moments.  To capture him in all his two year old glory, to keep forever. <3

I am over the moon, in love with Fusion (aka fusing photos and videos together to make a seamless and timeless keepsake!)!! It is the newest reason I do what I do.  To not only capture memories in still frames as single frozen moments… but to add video to it to give life to these moments.  I am so very happy to do this for clients… and I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am to finally have one, myself, of my own piece of heaven (aka Jackson 🙂 ).  I am blessed to have found this profession… this thing that I love… that can help me make my memories, and others, last a lifetime.

Press “Play” to see the cutest kid play in the prettiest snow!



Saginaw Michigan Newborn Photographer | Naomi Grace

There is something breathtaking and magical about a new life.  There is something even more astounding when that new life is yours.  You look into their curious eyes, feel their soft downy hair (Naomi had lots…hehe), smell their newness and you know that this is the most wonderful, most extraordinary, most worthwhile, most difficult, most rewarding and most blessed journey you will ever take in your life.  This beauty’s parents are about to embark on this journey, and I got to be there for the beginning… and hopefully many more times to come!

If you remember, I had the honor to photograph Kelly and Dan’s growing family a few months ago.  (As seen here!)  They did what my husband and I could not… wait until the day the baby arrived to find out the gender!  Many people thought it was going to be a boy… myself included.  But I’m here to announce… It’s a GIRL!! And she is simply the most gorgeous little angel a family could ever pray for!  They chose Naomi Grace for her name, and it couldn’t be more fitting, with the meaning of Naomi being “beautiful/lovable/delightful”.  I didn’t even realize this when creating their session video, and what an amazing surprise to find just how appropriate the words of the song are!  She is certainly a little piece of Heaven. <3

Congratulations Kelly and Dan on this beautiful baby girl you have welcomed into your lives! You are truly wonderful parents and an inspiring couple… one I look up to very much.  Your love and kindness do not go unnoticed, and I count myself extremely blessed to know you and now call you friends! Thank you!

Press “Play”, and experience the wonder!


these are BEAUTIFUL Marissa! what an incredibly sweet little baby girl.

Dan & Kelly

Thank you for making the photography session so memorable and doing such a beautiful job capturing these special moments with our baby girl.