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Stop and Smell the…. Dandelions :)

It finally felt like May today in Michigan!! Jackson and I went out to take advantage of the gorgeous 75 degree weather.  Our Spring has been all messed up this year… everything started to bloom in March when we had that crazy warm weather… and then it got cold again and the frost killed quite a bit.  Sadly, we don’t have all the beautiful blooms we normally have… but we do have Dandelions! 

Jack still signs “Please” whenever he says it.  I love this photo, because it’s so him 🙂  He wanted me to follow him so he could show me what he found…

And of course, I had to since he asked so nicely!

Mmmm… they smell…. “Nice” (Yes, that’s how he described them! :D)

And of course… The repercussions…

He got some on his nose!!

Dandelions just might be my new favorite “flower”. <3

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Color or Black & White…

I can’t ever seem to decide whether I like color or black & white versions of photos better.  So, what do you think?  Color or Black & White?



*I took this photo at a workshop with Jenny Cruger <3… I have yet to blog this session (gotta finish editing them first 🙂 ), but you can see some of them in the Families portfolio!

My First Born :)

Yesterday evening I decided to try and get some shots of my first born, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elisabeth (aka Lizzy)… just so I could try out some new shooting and processing techniques.  She was more interested in trying to cuddle, though. 😀 I eventually got her to stay for me so I could snap a few shots.  I think I like the effect with her hair color and the rich green of the grass (Oh Spring!).

Of course some pretty leaves that just came out of their buds a couple of weeks ago, too… 🙂