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Saginaw, Michigan Maternity Photographer | Kelly & Dan

At this time last year, I’m not sure that Kelly & Dan had any idea of what God had planned for them.  They finally became parents officially this past spring, and welcomed three gorgeous children into the family.  Within the next few months they found out that they were expecting!  A year ago, they weren’t parents yet… now they are about to become mom and dad a fourth time over!!  How truly blessed!  I was honored to get to do some of the first family photos with the whole gang (Baby S featured via Kelly’s belly 🙂 and the awesome ultra sound pic).  This family is sweet, and they were troopers!  Though it looks like it was beautifully warm in these images… I am here to tell you it was frigid… okay frigid might be a bit much… but it was cold.  I’m so thankful to have these photos as part of my portfolio and also to Kelly, Dan and Family for allowing me to be a part in capturing their memories….  And I really can’t wait for the new Little One to get here!  <3


Saginaw Family Photographer | Mini Session Packaging

It may be weird to say… but I LOVE packaging!  After spending the time that I do with each client on their gorgeous images, nothing makes it feel like a fully finished product more than fantastic packaging.  Today, I delivered my first mini session package to Megan, Jackson’s mom.  I love making something complete with my branding, and I don’t think I’ve publicly shared what my flash drives for Marissa McInnis Photography look like yet.  So a little peek into what you get AFTER your session with me… and for the mini’s in particular <3.


LOVE!! I love packaging and yours is fantastic!

Saginaw Baby Photographer | Jackson is One!

Sweet little Jackson was one of the best and happiest babies I’ve ever met… and it was an extreme joy to photograph him for his first birthday!  He just turned the big O-N-E on Sunday.  For a little man that is getting four (yes four!) new teeth he sure was smiley… and not drooly in the the least!  I think that’s why he kept chewing on his tongue…lol.  Which is okay, because it made for super adorable photos… and those dimples only add to the cuteness overload. 🙂  He had some fun crawling around the park, was extremely intrigued by the long grass, laughed and smiled with his parents, and kept getting distracted by the wedding rehearsal that was going on just a few yards from us.  We did this session on Thursday, and had the.most.beautiful weather for it.  The sun was out and it was 74 degrees…. in Saginaw, Michigan… in October!  I wish it could be like that all month long!  Anyway, I love these photos so very much… and I’ll stop yapping so you can enjoy them. 😀

Saginaw Baby Photographer 🙂

Saginaw Michigan Engagement Photography | Zack & Nicole

So not only are Kevin and Nicole… and ZACK & NICOLE good friends of mine and my husbands… but Kevin and Zack are best friends as well… and they are both marrying Nicoles!! I’ve come to referring to them as either Zack’s Nicole or Kevin’s Nicole… or just Nicole One or Nicole Two…lol  Love both girls and both couples dearly!